Well Seated invites you to explore the beautiful, luxurious and delightful world where simple visions are exquisitely personified.

Any ordinary furniture shop can sell you a chair, Well Seated offers you an opportunity to create the perfect setting that will captivate your guests and leave an everlasting impression.

Contemporary, modern, classical, glamorous and extravagant or stylishly simple, our professional, passionate and innovative team will ensure that we focus on every aspect right down to the smallest seam, to ensure that we bring you the best seating for your special day.

Easy on the eye, and your pocket- comfortable and well suited for your occasion, we offer a variety of comfortable, quality seating so that we can find a setting tailor made for your occasion. Our vision is not to sell an illusion but to deliver a beautiful reality to our customers.

Our events speak for themselves, we pride ourselves in the level of professionalism, enthusiasm and commitment to each event. We maintain the upmost respect for our clients and their vision and strive to deliver peace of mind, comfort and satisfaction.

Mizana Qata



Mizana Qata is an Internal Audit specialist, who has gained a lot of experience in all sectors of the industry and worked as senior group internal auditor for Bidvest Freight with 12 companies under her supervision. She has served in regional boards for several Non Profit Organaisations which has allowed her to share her knowledge and assist in uplifting our communities. Mizana has many years of business and corporateĀ  experience and brings a multitude of skills to the company.

Fundisiwe Mjoli



Fundisiwe Mjoli, whose humbleness and humanity has been a great asset to our clients, is our general assistant. She maintains our stock and ensures at all times that it is good condition, she has a further responsibility of managing our casual staff.

George & Sizwe



The logistics specialists who ensure timeous delivery of our products to clients. Originating from KKK logistics subcontracted under the Edcon group, their experience in handling furniture and professionalism has been a great asset to our business.

Mizana Qata

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