The long awaited Wellseated private exhibition

The long awaited Wellseated private exhibition

And the countdown begins, whilst everyday feels like an exciting round of a musical chairs game, i am overwhelmed by thoughts of how it all began and how it has and continues to grow. As i lay like a queen on my favourite WellSeated creation, i slowly drift into a dream, a cool autumn afternoon as we watch the sun set drape over the classy, sleek furnishings that surround us. Laughter is the sound that prevails amongst the distant sounds of champagne glasses clinking, discreet chatting all in harmony to the smooth sounds of an urban contemporary Jazz band.

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  1. Oh Miz, i’m so proud and excited for you my friend! This all looks amazing:) Well done. I know you will make this a success like everything else you touch.

    Lots of love and support my dear friend.

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